Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Communication through videos has always been the most efficient means of conveying your message successfully to your audience. As it is a well-known phrase that “A picture is worth a thousand words”, video communication is a potential mode of communication to reach thousands of people. A visual presentation instead of textual material is not only attractive and visually appealing but also remains in the minds of the visitor for a long time. This is why today video communication is getting more and more important and companies are trying to improve their marketing efficiency through video marketing.

Video Marketing Tips


As we all know video marketing has become extremely important for any business today that wants to have a much stronger online presence. However you cannot just make any old video and hope that it works. In fact there are certain things that you need to do to ensure that you create the perfect one. Below we offer some video marketing tips that you may find useful.

video marketingTip #1: Initially people made videos using their web cam, but this simply won’t cut it anymore. When it comes to making a video to market your business you need to use a decent digital camera to do so. By using a camera you are showing to your potential customers that you care about what you are doing and the product or service that you are presenting to them.

Tip #2: This of our video marketing tips is the one that we feel is the most important of them all in that you should make your videos concise and quick. Ideally a good quality marketing video shouldn’t last for any more than 8 minutes. However you will find that the most effective types of videos used for marketing today last for between 1 and 3 minutes only. This is important to remember as the attention span of many when they go online searching for things is very short lived. If you aren’t able to grab their attention within the first 10 seconds of your video then they won’t stay.

Tip #3: Above all when it comes to creating videos for marketing your business you need to sound convincing. So spend time thinking about the ways in which you can convince them to keep looking at your video. If you need to use humor in your videos then do. However don’t include too much humor to make it silly.

The Benefits Of Video in Your Marketing Strategy


The power of the internet has revolutionized video marketing and has made it more affordable for the home improvement contractor. Roofers can now educate consumers, remediation experts can show their process and build credibility, while remodeling contractors and landscapers can show before and after pictures that capture the imagination.

  • Video is arguably the most powerful marketing on the internet
  • Video is the most persuasive form of advertising
  • You build trust and credibility with audience
  • Videos can be shared across the internet
  • Video is loved by the search engines
  • You increase your online footprint

If you are a contractor and offer home services you’ll find that video provides a great tool for generating new leads for your business. An example is video SEO for roofers because it is easier and faster to rank a video on the first page of the search engines. This is a great way to promote your video and it is faster than ranking your website