Home Improvement Contractors Need to Generate More Leads

Getting the phone to ring with customers looking for your services can be challenging. And keeping up with all the changes can be even harder.

Wringing the most out of any marketing campaign requires a multi-tiered approach and this is especially true for home improvement contractors. Consumers search in many different places and in different ways when they are looking for a contractor. Some people will use Google, while others may prefer Yahoo or Bing. Some consumers will click on the first result at the top, even if it is an ad… while others scroll past the ads and only look at the local search results. Still others may scroll past the local results and focus on the organic results. There is yet another group of consumers who turn to the directories, Craigslist, social media or YouTube. And to add to the confusion, more and more consumers are doing this from a mobile device.

So how do you get control in a local market and make your voice heard over the crowd?

contractor marketingThis will be difficult to do unless you are an online marketing expert or have expert team in house – Most local contractors do not. But if you’re one of the lucky few that have the expertise, you’ll want to position your business so that you can easily be found on the major search engines in the local and organic results. You may also want to invest a little in paid ads. Don’t forget YouTube and social properties as this can be another great source for generating leads.

If your like most contractors, you’ll need a little help in this area. That’s where we come in. We build a strong, bold strategy right out of the starting gate that encompasses all the different marketing strategies. Then as we see the results roll in, we drop the ones that don’t work or generate low quality leads and keep the strategies that really work. We found that is the fastest way to start driving leads for our clients and as time goes on the quality just gets better.

The Marketing Mission

Being found when the consumer is ready to buy with cash in hand is the easiest and best sale you can make. Getting a flood of these types of leads every month has the potential to grow your business exponentially. And the life time value of consumers that are trying to find you before you try to find them can’t be ignored.

Try our no-risk lead generation services for yourself… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…!

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